Congratulations: Recent Promotions

Congratulations to these employee-owners within our family of companies who have recently advanced in their careers. We are proud to celebrate the success of our people as they continue to make significant impacts within the organization and the industry as a whole. View the full list below. 



Adam Langford 

Adam Zuur 

Alex Whittlesey 

Angus Geary 

Anthony Olson-Gomez  

Blair Pacini  

Bob Criscuolo

Brian Abbott

Joanna Ding 

Jonathan Rojahn

Jorge Garcia 

Kevin Hicks 

Kevin Sagala 

Matthew Fernando 

McKenzie Meindersee

Michelle Tarantino 

Parker Hill 

Steven Lombardi 

Veronica Willigar

Walter Torres


Christy Le 

Geoffrey Kiboneka 

Maqsood Mohammad

Ronnie Jackson 


Dan Polito