When COVID rattled the world with public health and economic ramifications, it created great uncertainty around the current and future needs of office space. Now, a few months later, the commercial construction industry is starting to recognize the future outlook and impacts of the pandemic on the greater real estate industry.

In a recent podcast hosted by The Registry, Skyline President, Rene Olivo and Unimark President Chris Henderson, share their thoughts and insight into the changing priorities of the construction industry. While they both agree that construction trades will remain consistent, the nature of the industry is anticipated to experience profound change.

Tune into this 20 minute interview to learn:

  • Strategies to keep the construction business strong

  • Forecasts and predictions for future construction opportunities

  • Insights from the field and office on how to navigate the new landscape

  • Parallels between this pandemic, the 2008 recession and September 11th.

Click below to listen.