The thought of going back to the office comes with many new challenges as employers grapple with ways to effectively keep employees safe and healthy. Corporate real estate and facilities directors are similarly being challenged with the responsibility of developing tangible strategies to ease tenant concerns, keep everyone safe and find cost effective solutions to allow business to continue.

Office modifications that comply with CDC and social distancing are a critical component of that strategy and can be a simple process with the right contractor. Our family of companies offers office modification services in the Bay Area, Seattle and Chicago. Everything ranging from touchless devices, automatic doors, acrylic dividers between workstations, additional AV needs in conference room spaces and directional signage. Check out a few of our latest resources including a list of COVID construction services and 13 ways to modify your office during COVID-19. 

Our teams at ACCEND, Skyline Construction, Skyline Capital Builders and Unimark are available to walk your space, discuss potential options and provide cost and timing information to help make the process of returning to work seamless and safe for your employees.