Skyline Enterprises has appointed Jessica Carps as its Chief Operating Officer. Carps previously served as Chief Financial Officer and remains on the firm’s Board of Directors.

As COO, Carps will oversee the organization’s corporate infrastructure. She will facilitate the integration of acquisitions, manage the company’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and lead the corporate SkyService Team, a group of subject matter experts in the fields of HR, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Legal, Safety, IT, and Security.

In her previous role as CFO, Carps was responsible for implementing systems to facilitate growth, drive profitability and create redundancy, which allowed Skyline to expand nationally into the robust Chicago and Seattle markets. 

“Promoting Jessica to Chief Operating Officer demonstrates the company’s complete confidence in her leadership,” said Skyline Enterprises CEO David Hayes. “Jessica is largely responsible for Skyline’s growth from a local company into a national powerhouse, and is uniquely qualified to lead the organization’s development well into the future.  She will ensure the organization continues to act in the best interest of ESOP shareholders.”

Since Carps joined the firm in 2015, Skyline’s revenue has increased from $175M to $670M in anticipated revenue in 2020. Her background in management consulting and manufacturing allows her to bring an innovative perspective to the commercial construction and real estate industry. Jessica is an ESOP expert with a committed focus on corporate governance, controls, and shareholder appreciation.

“I am honored to lead such a passionate and innovative organization,” said Jessica Carps. “Skyline’s mission of creating the largest, nationwide, people-centric family of companies within the commercial real estate and construction industry is something I believe in strongly. I am committed to doing the absolute best for our employees, clients, stakeholders, partners and the communities in which we serve, and I look forward to expanding this model throughout the United States over the next number of years.”

Skyline has been a leader in commercial construction in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1996. As part of its geographic and service line expansion, Skyline opened ACCEND Construction LLC and Skyline Capital Builders LLC in 2019, and recently acquired Seattle based Unimark and its sister company Servicemark in 2020. These companies serve as models for the firm’s organizational structure, operating under their own brand names as part of the Skyline Enterprises family, but sharing operating processes, technology solutions and an innovation roadmap. All companies remain 100% employee-owned through Skyline’s ESOP model.