Jessica serves as Skyline’s COO and its first female member of the Board of Directors. Her background in management consulting and manufacturing has allowed her to bring a unique and innovative perspective to the construction and real estate industry. Jessica is a driving force behind Skyline’s growth strategy and oversees the operations of Skyline Enterprises and its many subsidiaries. She is responsible for creating repeatable processes and systems to facilitate growth, drive profitability and create redundancy, which has allowed Skyline to expand nationally.

Since joining the firm in 2015, Skyline’s revenue has increased from $175M to $550M.  Today, she oversees Skyline Enterprises, the holding company for the Skyline family of companies as well as leads the Sky Service Team, a group of subject matter experts guiding the Skyline family of companies in many operational areas of the business, including HR, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Legal, Safety, IT, and Security. Under her leadership, this team has successfully executed the start-up of two new subsidiaries in 2019.

Another key aspect of her role as COO is overseeing the Skyline family of the companies’ ESOP program. She prides herself on being a steward of the well-being of the employees that work for Skyline and views the ESOP as a core component to the culture and success of Skyline. As an ESOP expert, Jessica truly understands the unique challenges faced by ESOP companies. She focuses her efforts on improving corporate governance, putting in better controls, raising the expectations of the board and ensuring decision-making is done in the best interest of shareholders.

­­Jessica has worked diligently to pave the way for female leadership at Skyline. During her tenure, she has helped promote five women onto the leadership team, brought talented women from outside the industry into construction, and continually mentors women within the organization to accept leadership level responsibility. She is committed to conducting business with the highest standards of integrity and strives to uphold Skyline’s core values by living Skyline’s mission — building better together, for employees, clients, stockholders, partners and communities. Outside of work, Jessica is a mother, a CPA and a graduate of the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.


Jessica believes that construction is a great industry for accounting professionals to build their careers. “This industry is always in need of experienced professionals who understand and can strategically manage construction financials,” said Jessica. “Further, project accountants who can effectively support and partner with their Operations counterparts to manage projects are an invaluable resource.” Jessica looks forward to mentoring those who are in pursuit of growing their careers in the construction industry, particularly those who are interested in a CPA career path as an experienced professional, rather than directly out of school.


Jessica enjoys traveling and recently spent time in Southeast Asia. She also takes an annual trip to Croatia to visit with her husband’s family. Next up on her travel bucket list are South America and Northern Europe.