Safety, Quality, Production Director


Tim Lally brings more than 20 years’ experience in construction operations to Skyline’s family of companies. As National Safety, Quality and Production Director, Tim oversees our risk and safety efforts to ensure the well-being of employees, subcontractors, projects and the public. He collaborates with teams to enhance the firm’s solid commitment to safety, quality, and production.


Over the course of his career, Tim has served as a regional and national Safety Director at many reputable construction companies. He is widely known for his “SQP philosophy” the idea that safety, quality, and production are all one common, interdependent goal. Under this model, Tim places an emphasis on early project planning and innovative thinking – which allows for potential risks and constraints to be identified and solved prior to construction mobilization.


Tim believes it is essential to plan drastically upfront. Focus on the schedule and sequence activities in the correct order, thus allowing safety to become active, rather than reactive. There is nobody who likes reactive safety.  Eliminate the gray, try to get clarity to make things black and white. But most importantly, be honest, direct and communicate known expectations.


Outside of work Tim enjoys tattoos, cars, music and dogs. He’s also a family man and has enjoyed many years of coaching sports for his two sons.