Our proprietary SkyServiceTeamâ„¢ provides operational expertise that supports Skyline’s family of companies and allows us to drive consistency in our experience while leveraging local expertise. Most importantly, this diverse team allows our construction and real estate experts to focus on customers and outstanding project delivery instead of being distracted by the administrative work associated with running a business.  Below are a partial list of services provided.
Human Resources

Our team has a broad level of expertise to manage a growing and diverse workforce, ensure compliance is met for any location, recruit top talent and provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure employees meet their career goals.


We provide support to ensure we are compliant and safe. This includes contract negotiations and review, regulatory filings, insurance policy coverage and trademark solutions.


We provide financial expertise to help your business run efficiently.  We offer hands-on financial coaching to ensure your P&L is sound, while focusing on maximizing the return for employees.

We provide unmatched marketing support to build visibility and awareness for your brand. We help with positioning and messaging, communication strategies, digital marketing and project pursuits. 
Safety, Quality & Production
We provide the tools and practices to optimize project organization and efficiency. By focusing on the details of safety, quality and production, we set the foundation for a safe & thriving business.
IT & Information Security
We manage and maintain server, network, cyber & cloud infrastructure to ensure smooth business operations and provide technical support to every employee.
Our sales team has strong relationships with the full spectrum of real estate professionals in every major market to give your company the right opportunities to reach your sales goals.